Font Squirrel @font-face Generator

I have just discovered Font Squirrel’s new @font-face kit generator.

This awesome little web app allows you to upload a .ttf or .otf font file and convert it to .eot (for IE), .svg (for Opera and iPhone) and .woff (for Firefox 3.6+).

It is awesome for a number of reasons:

  • It removes the need to to use Microsoft’s horrible WEFT program to generate .eot fonts.

  • It gives sample CSS and HTML to make it easy to apply nice cross browser compatibility with very little fuss..


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One Response to Font Squirrel @font-face Generator

  1. Aaron Godin says:

    Hello Andrew, found your site in the gallery on

    I agree, this application has been a life saver for me. And what a time saver!